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Prime Minister And I ~ Episode 13

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Episode 13 of Prime Minister And I was again awesome with tracing a nice path towards Yul’s confession about his feelings towards Da Jung. He is such a great character, and I love that his nature of being thoughtful, gentlemanly, principled, sensible and understanding always remains constant whatever he does. This is what makes him different from the usual drama heroes who have an ego of the Continue reading

Prime Minister And I ~ Episode 12


Episode 12 of Prime Minister And I was a low-key one with great character moments and a pleasant surprise in the last scene. I just love how the show weaves all the warm family moments. The way it handled the bonding between Yul and Woo Ri was so nicely done. I loved that it was not sugary sweet but exactly in Yul’s style of mixing care, love and his strictness as a father. Also, it was so adorable Continue reading

Preview for ‘Prime Minister And I’ Episode 12


Prime Minister And I has maintained its characteristic of being a light-hearted fun with lots of heart and warmth and having only minor hurdles to cross with each new week. Of course, the major obstacle remains the backstory regarding Yul’s first wife and In Ho’s brother as well as the hesitations by Yul to give love a second Continue reading

Prime Minister And I ~ Episodes 10 and 11


After giving us cuteness and chirpiness, Prime Minister And I went into slightly serious territory this week. Of course, the warmth and cute is still there but the tone became sombre and thoughtful in episodes 10 and 11 unlike the preceding episodes of the drama. Let’s start with our couple first. The hug went to kiss in that hotel room but obviously it was for some purpose and mirrored the earlier attempt by Da Jung to prevent Yul from blurting out the secret of their contract marriage. They Continue reading

Prime Minister And I ~ Episode 9


Prime Minister And I makes me realise how much I’ve missed the typical, proper old-fashioned romantic comedy recently. Master’s Sun was great but it involved fantasy elements whereas Dating Agency Cyrano had main focus on its cases of the week and Heirs took the melo route for most of its part. So here I am, Continue reading