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Kim Sun Ah headlines melodrama ‘Secret Boutique’ for SBS

Secret Boutique is the new SBS drama premiering next week and the show definitely looks stylish and intriguing. It stars Kim Sun Ah in the lead role and tells the story about power struggles between women. The actor plays a character who travels the path from being a Continue reading

Romance melodrama ‘Let’s Hold Hands And Watch The Sunset’ starts on MBC today

It is refreshing to see Yoon Sang Hyun in a melodrama after really liking him in so many comedy roles (Secret Garden, I Hear Your Voice, Shopping King Louise) though he did do a serious role in thriller Gapdong. He is headlining new romance melo for

Continue reading

Crime thriller ‘Lookout’ arrives on MBC this Monday

Lookout has been gaining momentum gradually in terms of creating anticipation after being under the radar initially. The show is a crime thriller about a group of people who join hands to fight against evil after losing their loved ones. The show will premiere on MBC as the brand new Monday-Tuesday drama following Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People which received decent ratings throughout its run. Continue reading